AKRBank HomeCall Plan

We have your funeral finance covered.

AKRB HomeCall is a funeral assurance policy which provides insured individuals and Family members with instant cash to enable the organize befitting burial and funeral ceremonies for their loved ones.

AKRBank Child Education Plan

We have your child covered.

The dream of providing quality education for our children and wards will only be attained if we make adequate provision towards financing their education from the cradle to the highest level. Child Education Plan will help you fulfill that dream by assisting you plan financially to ensure that your child receives quality education even in the event of your permanent disability or pre-mature demise.

The Child Education is a unique and flexible endowment plan designed to meet all your child/ren’s education financing needs.

AKRBank Wealth Master Plan

We have your future finance covered.

Living comfortably and realizing such goals may look difficult but it is made possible with a plan like Wealth Master Plan. If this sounds like you then the Wealth Master is the best choice. Wealth Master Plan is specially developed to enable our valued clients realize their goals and aspirations in life with ease. It is designed to cut across all phases of life and for that matter everyone with a desired ambition can sign on to this plan.

It is uniquely designed to enable people create wealth and ensure that their family's income is protected when they are called home or permanently disable.

AKRBank Ultimate Protection Plan

We have your future covered.

The dreams and aspirations of every family ceases upon the demise of the breadwinner. It is during this trying time that the essence of the role of the breadwinner is truly appreciated. AKRBank fully understand the impact of the loss of the breadwinner to the grieving family and with the best interest of the client at heart, we have designed and introduced the Ultimate Protection Plan (UPP), which as the name implies, provides ultimate protection to the breadwinner and his/her dependents.

About Us

Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank was established on the 6th of September 1983 as a financial institution empowered by the bank of Ghana to provide financial service and intermediation within a defined operation area of 32km radius from the main office at Pakyi No.2.

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