AKRBank Home Call Plan

Who can this plan cover?

Assured  Inception age
 Account Holder   Not more than 64
 Spouse  Not more than 64
 Child(ren)  Up to 23 years
 One Extended Family Member  Not more than 74
 Parents (Father and Mother)  Not more than 74
 Parents'-in-law (Spouse's Father and Mother)  Not more than 74

Plan Benefits
- Absolute Peace of mind.
- High Benefit Cover.
- Affordable Premiums.
- Benefits are hedged against inflation.
- Cash bonuses if no claim is made over every three - years period.
- Waiver of Premium which ensures that all others insured continue to enjoy cover in the event that the Account holder passes on before age 65.
- Free cover for all covered members when policy holder attains age 65.
- Enough money to make claims on your loved ones’:
    Social Security Benefits
    Insurance benefits, and employment benefits
- The HomeCall cash benefit is adequate to cover the following expenses:
    Mortuary Fee
    Hearse Service
    Pall Bearer Service. etc.
    Cost for Post Burial Expenses

Benefit Structure
The table below summarizes the financial benefit structure