AKRBank Ultimate Protection Plan

The AKRBank Ultimate Protection Plan

This policy is a Unique Term Assurance Policy which pays out the sum assured (benefits) when the event insured against happens within the terms and conditions of the policy.

Scope of Cover

- Death / Total and Permanent Disability.
- Dread Diseases (OPTIONAL)

Policy Features

- Term policy
- No surrender values.
A waiting period of 180 days is applicable on death / dread diseases, however if the policy holder dies through accident, the full death benefit is payable. Return of all premiums if no claim is made within the chosen term. For 10 years and over policy there is even 5% simple interest calculation on all premiums paid.
- Policy is assignable.

Why Sign on the Ultimate Protection Plan

Perfect and absolute peace of mind Attractive non-medical limit of Ghc 200,000.00 (Sum Assured) Returns For Loyalty (RFL) Business continuity in the event of unexpected life contingencies such as Death, Total/Permanent Disability and Dread Diseases. Prompt payment of genuine claims within 72 hours.

Claims Procedures

In the case of death, either a Death Certificate or any other legal proof of death is required. In the case of Total and Permanent Disability, medical evidence by a qualified registered medical doctor is required. In the case of Dread Diseases, medical evidence by a qualified registered medical doctor will be required.