One of the recent directions of Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank is to make financial services especially savings and loans accessible to low income people in both rural and sub-urban areas so that they can generate wealth to cater for their basic needs and improve their quality of life.

The Susu product was introduced by the bank in 2001 to make capital accessible to the low income people. As at date, 8,368 clients are doing business with the bank through the Susu Savings and loan schemes and we have mobilized GH¢ 1,883,597.85 under the Susu scheme alone.

We have advanced GH¢ 1,697,374.26 as loans to 1,323 Susu clients such as carpenters, hairdressers, petty traders, mechanics, bakers, fishmongers, food vendors among others who through the normal course of business will not have qualified for a loan from he bank. The bank has inculcated savings habit among a lot of customers through the Susu deposit.

The bank also introduced the Group Loan scheme in 2002 to enable organized groups to have access to capital. The group lending has reached out to 640 groups with a total sum of GH¢ 3,404,425.02