The future of the country lies in the quality of education. Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank has been fighting ignorance since 1999 when a committee was set up to study the special needs of its community. The committee considered the role education plays in the human resource development and therefore threw its searchlight on the state of primary schools in the bank's catchment areas.

Our research revealed a state of poor enrolment and high drop-out rate in most of the primary schools in the Amansie-West District. Further research identified three (3) main causes;

1. Many primary pupils drop-out because of lack of school desks.

2. Parents' inability to pay their wards' school fees and provide them with study Materials

3. Deplorable and risky conditions under which pupils study. e.g. loose and hanging Roofs and dusty classroom floors.

As the bank's contribution to do away with these problems, 113 duplet desks, 12 cupboards, 15 teachers' tables were distributed to 35 basic schools in 2000 and 73 pupils were granted scholarships by paying their fees and books. 12 schools were renovated while a Junior High School workshop and a 9-classroom school blocks were completed at Kwanwoma and Afrancho respectively.

In 2002, the bank helped to construct two Nursery Schools at Atasomanso and Broyeduru while 805 duplet desks were distributed to 32 basic schools in 2003. A scholarship of Gh¢ 6,000 was also granted to 150 pupils to pay for their fees and study materials in 2004.