Current Account

This product also known as business account and is a product designed and recommended for customers who are engaged in brisk business and who may need cheques to transact business.

1. Prospective customers shall provide 2 passport pictures and any of the national I.D card ( Voter ID Card, SSNIT card, Driver’s License or Passport )
2. A minimum of GHS 5.00 shall be accepted to open a current account

1. No C O T shall be charged on account operations.
2. Account can be used to assess loan and overdraft facilities.
3. Pay-in-booklet shall be issued to customers for account operations.
3. A cheque book shall be issued to customers for account operations.
4. Enjoy convenience due to the networked nature of our branches.

About Us

Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank was established on the 6th of September 1983 as a financial institution empowered by the bank of Ghana to provide financial service and intermediation within a defined operation area of 32km radius from the main office at Pakyi No.2.

Head Office