AKRBank Mobile App (Android)

Here’s what you can expect:

- Safe and Secure Login including the use of Biometrics
- Funds Transfer: Users can transfer funds from their accounts to any account of the same bank (Same Bank Transfer). They can also transfer between their own accounts (Own Account Transfer) and seamlessly transfer funds to and from their Mobile Money Wallets.
- View Balances: Users can make balance enquiry and transaction enquiries on their account. They can view up to 20 recent transactions on those accounts.
- Requests: Users can do various request offered by the bank. Such request includes Statement Request, Chequebook request, Salary Advance, Stop Cheque etc.
- Payments : Users can pay bills for utilities (i.e DSTV,GoTv,GWCL) and School fees.
- Purchase Airtime : Users can make airtime purchases in a convenient way.
- Customer Compliant Feature: All user concerns will be duly received and quickly addressed using this feature.
- Settings: Users can personalize the applications with various user settings such as Change Narration, Change Account Name, Set and Change Transaction Pin Code, Change Password, Fast Balance Activation/Deactivation, etc.