Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank: exhibiting resilience in a pandemic

Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank (AKRB), established on 6th September 1983 and located at Pakyi No. 2 off the Kumasi Obuasi road has become a household name in the Rural Banking Industry because of its outstanding performance. Currently, with ten branches and counting, it is described as the best performing rural bank in Ghana. This can be attributed to a host of factors such as operational efficiency, prudent management, selfless and competent staff and good corporate governance among others.

Financially, AKRB has been consistent with its performance. The total assets of the bank as at the end of the financial year 2019 stood at GH¢188,723,038.00 while that of 2018 was GH¢159,673,337.00 showing an increase of 18.19%. Total deposit also grew from GH¢121,016,757.00 in 2018 to GH¢146,582,226.00 in 2019 representing a growth rate of 21.13%. Loans and overdraft also saw a growth rate of 11.51% from GH¢31,314.866.00 in 2018 to GH¢34,919,716.00 in 2019. Shareholder’s Funds recorded as at the close of 2019 was GH¢37,575,423.00 while 2018 recorded GH¢35,029,346.00 at an increasing rate of 7.27%.

AKRB has also touched and transformed the lives of many through Corporate Social Responsibility schemes which continue to position the bank firmly in the hearts of its beneficiaries.   AKRB is a member of Ghana Club 100 and has created a positive impact in the Ashanti Region which led to the Bank being awarded as the “Best Regional Rural Bank of the year (Ashanti Region) -2015.” The bank was again ranked as the second-best CSR Company in the 2015 rankings by the Ghana Club 100. It was also ranked 32nd in its 2016 edition. The philanthropic drive, through education and community development initiatives, have been recognized and thus received six prestigious awards in the year 2016.

The bank is also well known in the prestigious CIMG Awards. In 2013 and 2015, it was ranked the Rural Bank of the year.  The Bank was again adjudged the best Rural Bank in the 2018 prestigious awards and currently reigning. In the same year, the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industries also conferred on the Bank the Rural Bank of the year Award.

The Bank has recently been adjudged ‘Best enterprise’ in the field of Banking by the International Achievements Forum, 2017 which was hosted by the Europe Business Assembly in the Socrates Awards Ceremony, for the strong position at the national market and in international sector ratings.

On the occasion of Ghana’s Diamond Jubilee in 2017, the Ashanti Financial Service Awards in its 14th edition conferred on the bank Gold Award (Overall) in the Rural Banking category for its immense contribution to the economic development of Ashanti.  The same Award was again conferred on the bank in the year 2018.

COVID-19 Intervention

Atwima Kwanwoma designed some credit relief packages for clients to cushion them to cope with the effects of COVID-19. The offers include tenor extensions and deferment on eligible loans for clients in vulnerable sectors highly impacted by the pandemic particularly Susu loans, SMEs (Loans and Overdrafts) and Clearance loans.

These relief interventions became necessary because of the trickle-down effect of COVID-19 on rural banks and the banking sector in general. The Bank has also given special consideration of three months moratorium to private school teachers, salary workers of private institutions and churches that have taken loans for their development projects.

The Bank has also suspended charges and insurance on facilities to these three most affected areas of their customers. Other interventions include an application for an additional facility with existing security, existing principal loan balance and new loan approved are put together and spread over the new loan term with commitment and insurance fees applied to the new loan facility.

Earlier, the bank donated boxes of hand sanitizers costing GH¢10,000 to seven health facilities within their operational territories to support the government’s effort to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank is the pacesetter in rural banking and among the first three best performing rural banks in Ghana.

As at the end of the first quarter of 2020, the bank’s total asset had hit approximately GH¢195million, with deposit of about GH¢151million and recorded a paid-up capital of GH¢3.3million which far exceeds the minimum threshold of 230%.

The Bank had as at March 2020 recorded profit of a little over GH¢2.1million and offered loans and advances to the tune of approximately GH¢36.6million with a net worth of GH¢41million.

About us

Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank is one of the leading rural Banks in Ghana.
It currently has ten branches, with the head office at Pakyi No.2 in the Ashanti Region. It has consistently been in the Ghana Club 100 list for some years now.

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